“Biot International Glass festival” Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September

Biot International Glass Festival

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Biot create a large-scale event to promote artistic glass work. This event, the Biot International Glass Festival, is being held in close collaboration with the glass artists and artisans of Biot. Their knowledge of the arts and crafts environment and especially of glass, their involvement in specialist networks and their participation in similar national and international events make their collaboration a major asset.

This celebratory event will take place in Biot from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2018. The aim of this very first Biot International Glass Festival will be to bring together professionals, artists and artisans, focused on a single passion, in order to highlight to the general public the artistry and craftsmanship present in Biot, especially in glass.

To give you a dream in the glass area, we have chosen renowned ambassadors:

Gabe Feenan’s work focuses on three simple forms – the sphere, cone, and cylinder. The US artist Gabe Feenan is interested in the way glass bends, flows, and filters light. Relying on pure ability and technique, Feenan seeks to emphasize the importance of a skilled artist’s hand in a machine-made world.

The French artist Gérald Vatrin combines know-how and a great knowledge of art history. His work, which is vibrant and delicate, inspired by the shapes of nature and cultural melting pots, strives to be the bearer of both emotions and aesthetics. Each piece of art opens up a world of visual and tactile sensations.

The British artist Richard Price divides his time between Amsterdam and Thailand. Inspiration for Richard’s art can be traced to the natural vitality observed in animals and humans. His art is often adorned with extravagant, colourful ornamentation, indicative of the elaborate headdresses and other clothing prevalent in Thai culture.

Several events will be scheduled throughout the three days. A combined Show & Sale of work will be held in the Paul Gilardi hall, bringing together around thirty glass artist stands. A retrospective exhibition, highlighting glass-making expertise in Biot will be on display at the Biot Museum of History and Ceramics. Showcase and demonstrations will be offered in the village to introduce children and adults to the art of glass-making. There will be film screenings and conferences for glass enthusiasts and experts to enhance the programme still further. In addition, every Biot artist will open up their studio for demonstrations and will be included in visitor routes.

Finally, throughout the Festival and up until the end of the year, there will be a free International Exhibition held in the Municipal Exhibition Halls. It will include works by French and European glass artists, selected by a panel of judges, and works by some international guest artists for this first Biot International Glass Festival.

For all information contact bigfestival@biot.fr

Biot International Glass Festival

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